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Four extensive colour courses in metaphysical energy work with Shanto L. Dorcey and Robert Abrahamson, a Doctor of Chinese medicine. Initiated by Mike Booth, the director of ASIACT, UK, these trainings utilize the Light Beamer pen , pomanders and quintessences of Aura-Soma, in order to illuminate the acupuncture organ and meridian systems via the electromagnetic fields of the human aura. Light communicating with the cells of the body brings awareness to our potential and gifts on the soul level.

The colourpuncture points on the body are the ancient nadis of aryurveda, the vibrational chakras that open us to our inner beauty. We will be exploring Oriental cosmology: astrology, inner feng-shui, bagua, the eight extraordinary vessels, aromatherapy, the astral subtle bodies and crystal healing. Practical treatments will be extensively shown on issues such as menopause, grief work and emotional well-being.

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